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  • You are making the Fab Five very proud of you! Job 37:18 asks:  "can you join him in spreading out the skies, hard as a mirror of cast bronze?"  This is not an absorptive filter like a vapor dome would be, but rather it is a reflecting mirror.  You should know that the Earth's Magnetic Field strength has dropped by 10%, just in the last 150 years.  This is because it was much stronger at the time before the flood, and since the flood, it is now diminishing on its way to zero.  Before the flood, the Earth was heated from the inside-out, and the magnetic field was part of the intended function of our heat engine:
This magnetic field would totally reflect Gamma radiation, Ultra-violet, Infra-red, and enough of the visual spectrum to prevent a rainbow from occurring.
It was an Aurora Borealis 24 hours a day before the flood.  The sky was a solid bronze in appearance during the daytime.  After the flood, the daytime sky gradually faded to blue over a period of many years, as the magnetic field wound down.


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