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  • Genesis 1:1 says "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.".  This does not say that Jesus made the stars then.  What He made was the three dimensional reality in which we live, which is what we call "The Universe".  At the onset of the six days of Creation, we started out with empty space and the Earth, which at that time was void and without form.  The Stars were not made until Day 4 of Creation, so they can't have been out in space "beaming us light" for millions and billions of years.  The Ravens don't like it when you read things into the Bible to make up for your lack of wisdom.  Better cover both eyes with your hands and scream as loud as you can; you might be able to scare those ravens off!
    • The Windows of Heaven is an astronomical repulsive force, which increases as the Windows are opened.  It causes time to pass by very quickly for the stars caught-up in it.  As the stars are moved away from earth at the time of Noah's flood, up to billions of years pass by for them, while just 5 months pass by on earth.
    • Background information: Genesis 1 & Genesis 7:11


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