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  • Light is not a natural phenomenon!  When you throw a switch or strike a match, all you make is the heat which forms the photonic shell.  This photon shell is empty until it can travel to the Dwelling of Light, and load-up on a packet of the waveform.  The Ravens would like to remind you that the Dwelling of Light can be shut-off to anyplace, and if you haven't yet accepted the pardon that Jesus paid for you, then maybe they will hold-off picking out your eyes after all!  They won't do you any good in Hell, so why bother to pick them out now?  Look at Job 38:15, which says:  "From the wicked their light is withheld, and their uplifted arm is broken."HOW HORRIFYING!  This is the oldest description of Hell found in the Bible.  God himself is telling you that you will be in agony, and even though you could light a match or a candle, it would do you no good.  The photons will just not be allowed to make the trans-dimensional journey to load-up on Light and bring it back to you.  Also, this isn't just reserved for Hell; one of the 10 plagues that God used on the Egyptians was 3 days of total darkness.


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