The Krestine Baltic Trader
and Ole Balle's 1969 Journey from Denmark
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The Krestine
The Krestine moored in Raymond, Washington.
Photographs taken on 12-29-2003.
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Dear Brian,
     My story with Krestine is as follows:  My girlfriend and I were about 20 years old, and met Krestine at a shipyard in Hobro, Denmark.  We had a 24 foot sailing boat (pictured to the right), and moored alongside Krestine.  A few hours later, we had made an appointment about sailing with Krestine to Los Angeles for delivery to a Fireman, who had bought her to live in Marina Del Ray, San Pedro.
     Even in 1969, we had two 15 tons/hour Honda pumps running in the North sea, and Biscaya.  We had very bad problems on the trip.
     About 5 years ago (1998?) I was driving from Canada to San Francisco with a friend, and saw Krestine from a bridge we drove over (highway 101, over the South Fork of the Willapa River in Raymond, Washington).  I knew her at once, but my friend did not believe that I knew that boat (she was pretty far away as seen from the bridge), so we turned the car around and went down to her.  It was Krestine, and my friend was very surprised!  We found the owner's wife at home and told her about my journey on the Krestine, and I gave her my card, so her husband could contact me when he came home, but nothing ever happened.  I clearly remember the place, and the Northwest Carriage Museum house some people were building beside her.  I just did not think about writing the name of the place down where she was moored.
     Last year I was invited by a marine company to tell the story about my trip with her, and show the old 8 mm movie which I recorded on the trip; so somehow she is still living here.
     Now I will end this story by saying many thanks for answering my mail; it was very kind of you.
Best Regards,
Ole Balle,
No, the ship above
 is not the Krestine, but is Ole Balle's 36 footer, back
 in Denmark
     No, the ship above is not the Krestine, but is Ole Balle's 36 footer, back in Denmark
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The Krestine sunken in Raymond, Washington.
She sank sometime around 7-4-2005.  Photographs taken on 8-2-2005.
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Hi Brian.
     Many thanks for your sad to see an old "friend" like that.  It is easy to see on your photos, that Krestine had seen better days, and indeed needed care with varnish-paint, and some a thousand hours boat builder work.
     Here on the fjord where I am living, does the old schooner skippers clearly remember Krestine, from the time she sailed concrete round in Denmark.  From your photos, I see a ship which never comes on the sea again.  It was nice of you to send me that mail....thank you for that.
     In Denmark everything is nice and quite.  Pia and I has been sailing a lot with "Ballerina", and are now home for a while to move to a "new" house on the other side of the Fjord.  If you catch some photos from taking Krestine up, I would like to see them.  Best regards and again many thanks.  Ole.
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